Stay Healthy With Good Gym Hygiene


The thought of going to the gym usually conjures up images of healthy living and wellness, but athletic clubs and rec centers can also harbor millions of germs that can potentially make you sick. While the hope is that those using and cleaning the gym equipment are diligent in their efforts, many are not. Here are four simple ways to protect yourself from bacteria and microorganisms commonly found in gyms.

Disinfect Everything
A recent study revealed that treadmills have 74 times more bacteria than a faucet in a public restroom, and free weights possess more than 300 times the bacteria found on the seat of a toilet. Protect yourself and help prevent the spread of germs by using the disinfectant spray or wipes provided by your gym to sanitize workout equipment.

Use a Towel
Always bring a clean towel to wipe away your sweat. If you take yoga classes, an additional towel can be useful when you’re attempting poses that bring your head or face into contact with the mat. Though yoga is beneficial for the body and mind, yoga mats can be loaded with illness-causing bacteria.

Don’t Touch Your Face
Gym users can expose themselves to fungi, strep and various strains of staph if they touch their face after using workout equipment. If you have an itch or need to remove sweat but don’t have a towel, use your shirt. Try to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands directly until they’ve been washed.

Shower Right Away
Bathe after every workout and wear flip flops in the shower stall. If you can’t shower immediately, at the very least wash your hands and face thoroughly to avoid bringing germs home with you.

Gyms may be storehouses of bacteria, but don’t let it keep you from getting your workouts in; the advantages far outweigh the risks. Having good gym hygiene will significantly increase your chances of staying healthy.



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Selena D. is a Board Certified Hypnotist, member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, an EFT Practitioner and NLP Certified. She has assisted thousands of individuals as they have discovered their own creative mind powers for personal growth and abundance. While earning a distinguished reputation within the industry, Empowered Hypnosis Wellness Centers has grown to become a full service wellness provider offering Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Reiki and Massage Therapy. Nothing brings Selena greater joy than seeing people change their lives for the better. Selena’s work has been featured in numerous local and national media outlets over the years, including WPIX 11, Fox and NY Post. She continues to maintain an extensive base of loyal clients whose lives, work and relationships have been enriched with her guidance. Norma Lujan, Harper’s Bazaar “Most Fabulous at Any Age 2013” winner is among Selena’s clients. She keeps current on the latest research in the field of mind and body wellness by attending numerous seminars and trainings. She has attended Louise Hay’s workshop on teaching people to love themselves, and T. Harv Ecker’s Millionaire Mind Seminar, his “Train the Trainer” program and received a certificate of completion. Selena has also traveled to California to learn from Billionaire Bill Bartmann about bouncing back from life’s hardships, and attended Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneur’s Money and You seminar. Selena practices what she teaches as she continuously seeks ways to learn and grow through self-improvement.

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