Six Essential Skills To Becoming A Better Hypnotist

Hypnosis includes self hypnosis or hypnotizing others. Auto-hypnosis on the other hand, is a form, process or result of hypnosis that is self induced. It mostly uses self-suggestion and hypnotizing other individuals through body language, informal language as well as suggestion techniques without the individual being aware of them. Hypnosis, basically is using mind technique on others for a range of reasons such as quitting smoking and so on.

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness that involves focused attention with reduced peripheral awareness and a larger capacity for mental capabilities and strength. While under the effects of hypnosis, a person can have heightened focus and concentration. It is usually preceded by ‘hypnotic induction’ techniques.



Learning to be a great hypnotist is not easy. There a range of techniques and skills one should know for hypnotizing another person and there are a few extremely important skills to master.

Maintaining eye contact

While hypnotizing someone ensure that you maintain constant eye contact. Eye contact provides further concentration while helping the person get into a trance state easily. You could stand in front of a mirror and practice eye contact techniques with yourself.

Build a rapport

Building a rapport with the one you are hypnotizing is essential. You need to create a comfortable and light rapport with person to ensure that he/she can easily rely upon you to share personal elements about his/her life. If you do not master this skill, the individual may start feeling awkward taking a longer time to let down his/her guard.

Signal recognition

It is one of the most useful and important skills a hypnotist should know. Signal recognition is basically the ability to understand the events taking place during hypnosis and understand what the person under hypnosis is going through.

Hypnotic language foundation

Understanding and knowing the language of hypnosis is crucial. A hypnotist is required to use the right words to connect with the one who has agreed to be hypnotized. Staying away from negative elements is important. Shaping a conversation is the key.

Breaking down resistance

The critical skill that all hypnotists need to master is knowing when and how the person under hypnosis will react to various situations. Breaking down resistance allows to enter the new and unexplored areas of mind of the subject. Creating a hypnotic trance that will permit subjects to digest simple yet new ideas, thoughts and perceptions, which is a key skill for a hypnotist to master.

Authority strategy

It refers to allowing the individual being hypnotized, to trust and understand you. It helps you enter the subconscious mind of the person and be able to interact well with him/her.



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Selena D.

Selena D. is a Board Certified Hypnotist, member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, an EFT Practitioner and NLP Certified. She has assisted thousands of individuals as they have discovered their own creative mind powers for personal growth and abundance. While earning a distinguished reputation within the industry, Empowered Hypnosis Wellness Centers has grown to become a full service wellness provider offering Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Reiki and Massage Therapy. Nothing brings Selena greater joy than seeing people change their lives for the better. Selena’s work has been featured in numerous local and national media outlets over the years, including WPIX 11, Fox and NY Post. She continues to maintain an extensive base of loyal clients whose lives, work and relationships have been enriched with her guidance. Norma Lujan, Harper’s Bazaar “Most Fabulous at Any Age 2013” winner is among Selena’s clients. She keeps current on the latest research in the field of mind and body wellness by attending numerous seminars and trainings. She has attended Louise Hay’s workshop on teaching people to love themselves, and T. Harv Ecker’s Millionaire Mind Seminar, his “Train the Trainer” program and received a certificate of completion. Selena has also traveled to California to learn from Billionaire Bill Bartmann about bouncing back from life’s hardships, and attended Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneur’s Money and You seminar. Selena practices what she teaches as she continuously seeks ways to learn and grow through self-improvement.

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