Men of Science Who Have Used Hypnosis


The man who is famous for his quote “Religion is a defense against the experience of God”, Carl Jung used self- hypnosis to achieve success and clarity. Born in Switzerland in 1875, the young Carl hasd a very vivid imagination and often was mistaken for a recluse. His growing interest in parapsychology led his first ever publication on Occult phenomenon. The word of Jung’s miracle healing spread when a paralyzed woman was cured by him using hypnosis. His greatest contributions to the field of psychology are the concepts that are taken for granted now. He is credited for coining the terms: introvert and extrovert. The world’s acceptance of archetypes has to fully credited to this great man.


Regarded as the greatest thinkers of the past century, Sigmund Freud is known as the “Father of Psychoanalysis.” He is credited for the study of dreams with his magnum opus “The Interpretation of Dreams.” Born in Czech Republic, Freud was often compared to great thinkers like Plato and Aquinas. The concepts on juvenile sexuality, unconscious state, and subjugation were polished by him. The foundation for the theory of psychoanalysis was published in 1901 in a book called “the Psychopathology Of Everyday Life.” Awarded with a Goethe Prize for his contribution to the German Literary culture and Psychology, Freud was known to use hypnosis to help in research.


Albert Einstein, the man who gave the world the “Theory of Relativity”, was known to use hypnosis every afternoon. It is said that this theory shaped up during one of such sessions. He dismissed the “old Physics” and replaced absolute time with new time which is the speed of light. In the time when speed of time was considered to be relative and time and space absolute, this great mind showed the world the right path. The man also challenged the wave theory of light saying that light could also be viewed as a collection of particles that was carried as distinct quantized packets which led to the quantum revolution.


The man who lit the world, Thomas Alva Edison’s greatest achievement was not the incandescent light bulb, but the process he used for his innovations. Edison, apart from being an inventor was also an entrepreneur, psychologists, a darling of the press and an economist. The man is also credited for the production of cement as we know now, the generator and the phonograph. As an inventor, the greatest teaching of Edison is that there are no stupid ideas or wrong ways. For many of the electronic comforts that we enjoy, we owe it all to Edison. The man gave credit to hypnosis for maintaining his positive outlook during adversities.



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