Celebrities Who Used Hypnosis to Help Them Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective method for coping with health problems, dealing with stress or trauma, and even for quitting smoking or other addictions. It is no wonder then that A-listers in the know have discovered the power of hypnosis to help them with, among other things, successfully quitting smoking.

It isn’t just bankers and Wall Street whiz kids who are turning to alternative methods like hypnosis in Manhattan to kick their smoking habit, celebrities based on the East Coast have also been tapping into the power of hypnosis in NYC for a while now.

Here’s a look at some familiar faces from the big screen and beyond, who credit hypnosis with helping them on their journey to quitting smoking.

Rocking on with a smoke-free life

Dire Straits legend, British singer songwriter and musician Mark Knopfler is one of many celebs who discovered that hypnosis made it that much easier to put away that last pack of cigarettes and never look back.

Fellow rocker this side of the pond, Billy Joel had been a regular smoker for nearly 30 years when he decided to take charge and use hypnosis in New York, to get over this lifelong habit.

Another musician who on the face of it has little in common with these rock legends, Britney Spears, found hypnosis was a solution to her smoking problem.

Hypnosis: The solution A-listers count on to quit smoking


Earth’s own Martian, Matt Damon, had some very down to earth problems with quitting smoking that so many of us can relate to. His sessions with a renowned Los Angeles based hypnotist help him get past the hurdles between him and good health. He is famously believed to have needed just three sessions to help him kill his cravings.

Charlize Theron found mixed results with her attempt to kick the habit, but was able to overcome the draw of nicotine successfully back in 2011 using hypnotism and yoga.

Brad Pitt has been another vocal advocate of the power of hypnotism. Others like him are turning to hypnotherapists to channel the methods of hypnotism in NYC, LA and beyond.

Funny girls Drew Barrymore and Ellen DeGeneres weren’t able to laugh away their smoking problems, until they discovered hypnotism could offer a solution. Ashton Kutcher credits his quitting to a combination of hypnotism and guidance from the book The Easy Way to Spot Smoking. By the time he was done with his therapy from reading the book, he was able to quit.

Whatever their reasons for quitting, whether it was to get healthy, to up their chances of getting pregnant, or just to kick a habit they didn’t think was doing them any good, these celebrities and many more found hypnotism offered a simple, sustainable solution for them.



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